Obage DT-2425 Stereo Speakers!

Obage is an impressive ‘MakeInIndia‘ brand / manufacturer of high quality audio systems that are affordable too.
Obage DT-2425 is yet another surprise ‘MakeInIndia‘ product (like ‘Signature Acoustics). The build quality, functionality and sound quality are surprisingly impressive for its price.


Though I’ve purchased this pair of speakers primarily for watching video content such as Movies and YouTube reviews on the 4K TV + Amazon FireTV Stick 4K combo, they’re also pretty good for listening to stereo audio (music, speech).


The elegant yet rugged looking build quality of Obage DT-2425 gives confidence for a long shelf life. The remote is lightweight and functional.

The inputs include line-in via standard RCA cable, 3.5mm Aux and Bluetooth (version unknown). Digital inputs such as optical & HDMI will be useful but are not present in this model.

While the speaker has separate knobs for volume, treble and bass, the remote has only the volume control buttons, along with Mode (Line-in, Bluetooth, FM) and EQ (multiple options for different types of audio).

Obage DT-2425 is certainly not for the typical bassy loud sound lovers. But it’s certainly recommended for those who prefer sound clarity, along with a reasonable amount of loudness.

The dialogs in movies can be heard clearly, while the bgm can also be experienced without any distortion, even at the highest volume setting (only up to 32, which could be more, considering the 70 Watts RMS claim).

Similarly, in YouTube videos with both voice (of the reviewer/presnter) and music (typically context-less copyright free music, pointlessly added simply becauseeveryone else also do it‘), the track / stereo separation is clearly heard.

In terms of bass, it has certainly got the thump but not the overwhelming boom of a separate sub woofer, which is acceptable for the fantastic price.


I’ve tried playing the TV audio, Amazon FireTV stick 4K audio, laptop audio and audio from my android phone – all using Bluetooth connectivity. The audio quality is impressive in all the cases.

For movies, higher volume levels is desirable, but the speakers are limited to only 32, which is sufficient for YouTube videos and music though. The line-in via RCA cable isn’t even as loud as audio via Bluetooth, so isn’t of much use. The audio via 3.5mn audio jack is pretty impressive though. The Equaliser does not work with line-in options and can be changed only when the audio source is Bluetooth.

Overall, Obage DT-2425 is a great choice for audio lovers, who desire better quality audio but can’t afford audiophile quality brands/products. Highly recommended by Swamy, who too belongs to that category of audio connoisseurs.

Kudos to Obage for making such high quality, yet affordable ‘MakeInIndia‘ audio products and Amazon for bringing it to customers who may’ve never heard about the brand (until now that is ;)!

~Swamy | @PrakashSwamy


Amazon Product link

OBAGE DT-2425 Dual Tower Multimedia Speaker System(Black) with Bluetooth,USB, Double Aux, FM,MMC https://www.amazon.in/dp/B07DQGV1Q4/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_venCDbW9KY0ZF

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